The First Legalized Crypto Currency Dapmcoin

Did you know that the first human being who managed to regulate the first decentralized currency in the world in South Africa is a Mozambican? Founder of Danglo And Prieto Mining Brand. Global CEO and Executive Director Ernesto Francisco Maposse has specialized in Decentralized Currencies since 2010.

Proof of this on the company registration portal in South Africa.

   There is no other regulated decentralized currency in the world other than #Dapmcoin (DPCN) this is the only one among more than 11,000 decentralized coins created on planet earth that has been regulated.Africa becomes the first continent to regulate a decentralized currency. Through a Mozambican in South Africa together with a single partner. 

Dapmcoin DPCN


Unknown said…
Dpcn a única no mundo que pode ser chamada de criptomoeda descentralizada !!
Já valorizou mais de 3.000 % desde seu lançamento !
Faça sua reserva de moedas, antes da próxima Ath !!
Anonymous said…
Always the best Cryptocurrency. With all Legalization i bought ĐPCN2500 coins at the price of $2.00