Dapmcoin DPCN Cryptocurrency Regulation And Clarity

The importance for Cryptocurrency regulation. To have and use  a    legalized    currency.                      
 1- First , the achievement that Cryptocurrency Dapmcoin ( DPCN ) achieved is an important and big milestone, and achievement for the entire digital currency market in the world. In other words, for all decentralized currencies or cryptocurrencies, this is a historic milestone for the financial market in terms of legal financial technological advancement.
2- We will make several examples in various ways so that the perception is as clear as possible, regarding the regulation of a Cryptocurrency or digital asset.

 3- We all know that something legalized is 100% legal and safe, it has security and transparency and is different from something illegal. A perfect thing to achieve for legal business. Even if it can take more time to appreciate value will always be safe with solidity to the users.

4- An illegal thing even if it can  moves trillions inside with liquidity will always be illegal and brings problems for the network who make use of it, until it is legalized if possible. And something illegal has a tendency to bring harm to many users, until certain concepts of it are legalized and edited for legal use if possible. It's all that is illegal generates fear and panic in the enter market.

5- Having a legalized decentralized currency is a key for everyone to be safe. Using the Dapmcoin DPCN  digital Currency makes all users feels safe and comfortable by using the legalized digital currency anywhere around the world. For being Cryptocurrency active for the global use in a legal way. No possibility of being at risk of responding to some criminal proceedings by using illegal products and services.

6- Logic experienced by users of Cryptocurrencies market:
Whenever a country or government speaks ill against a decentralized currency, the market breaks down because it generates
panic and fear because of lack of clarity in regulation. Everyone is afraid because it is a non-regulated product or services.

7- Regulation leaves and brings transparency and security for the use of anything definitely legal. And it shows that this is not a scam or bubble in market. But rather of an initiative of new scientific and technological evolution in the financial market, and in other sectors in diverse markets in development with advanced technologies regulation clarity is necessary.

 8- The legalization of the Dapmcoin (DPCN) currency emerged from the perspective of seeking the appreciation of Cryptocurrencies, in what is inherent to the regulation and legalization of this market. In the context of the same, being used legally in several countries without impediment due to irregularities and boycotts.

9- Cryptocurrency Dapm (Dapmcoin) was created and registered and recognized as a Crypto Currency. It is not just about being Crypto Currency because of being created on Blockchain technology and new technological evolution only. It has recognized legal bases for this asset, base of records being Dapmcoin currency in legal records Dapmcoin currency ( DPCN ) is a digital asset and Cryptocurrency or digital money. It is not about the simple being created as a  (TOKEN) representative, which only arises from the result of creation in Blockchain technology only without legalization. The DPCN will always be a legal currency or digital asset because it was born legal.

10- Legality:
 It generates security, peace and tranquility for users who use the DPCN  digital currency, knowing that they will not be surprised by the laws of any country, because they are not using something illegal. It does not matter which country of origin the user resides. The important thing is that the Dapmcoin  (DPCN) currency is a legalized digital asset and is a digital currency.

 11- Decentralized Currencies believers.
We understand that the most people like to use decentralized currencies because they are not regulated, and on the other hand, they do not obey any laws or regulations. This is what generates panic when the laws of each country come into force or take action against Cryptocurrencies. The legal basis of a cryptocurrency or any other product, allows any citizen in any country and anywhere in the world to feel free and protected to use the same thing without fear and criminal persecution.

12- It is on this basis that before launching the Dapmcoin currency we had chosen to register and acquire all legal registrations of the Cryptocurrency Dapmcoin  ( DPCN ) which guarantees us full copyright. It is legal to protect our users of the  DPCN digital currency from any illegality that may arise. In this way Dapmcoin is a legal digital asset, and not on the basis of speculation or technological creation only. Science must evaluate on the basis of law, and it cannot evaluate illegally. In two legal and decentralized ways the Cryptocurrency Dapmcoin DPCN is a digital asset of public use in the world. Dapmcoin  (DPCN)

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